Whale Watching Tours in Nova Scotia

Whale Watching Tours in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is very popular for its several whale watching tours, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. To help you begin your trip, we have made a list of top six whale watching tours in Nova Scotia.

1. Mariner Cruises – Brier Island, Bay of Fundy

Mariner Cruises has been in the business of organizing whale watching tours since 1994 making them experts in the industry. They provide a tour guide that narrates tours and help tourists better understand what is going on throughout the trip. Tours begin in early June and run through to mid-October and each cruise lasts anywhere from two and a half hours up to four and a half hours depending on which tour you select. They offer a tour package that covers accommodation and breakfast for two as well as other packages to choose from.

2. Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises – Brier Island, Bay of Fundy

At Brier Island Whale Watching tours begin in May and last until October. They boast of two vessels: a zodiac vessel that can take 12 passengers and another that can carry 50 passengers. Each boat has bathroom, seats, and shelter should you want to take a break in doors when it gets colder. They offer a wide range of cruise packages as well making them an ideal choice for your tour.

3. Capt. Mark’s Whale and Seal Cruise – Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton

Capt. Mark offers whale watching tours in Cape Breton and they have been in business since 1994. They boast of two zodiac vessels and a 42-foot tour boat that is used for wildlife watching. They begin whale watching tours from around June and continue till October. They offer a wide range of cruise packages.

4. Petit Passage Whale Watch – East Ferry, Nova Scotia

Petit Passage is a family whale watching tour business. Their boat leaves the port 2 times a day and each ride lasts between 3 hours to 4 hours. They boast a coast guard certified crew as well as well trained staff that are good in Marine Emergency Duties. Petit Passage also owns a café and offers a variety of tour packages.

5. Oshan Whale Watch – Bay St. Lawrence, Cape Breton Island

Oshan offers whale watching tours in Bay St. Lawrence. Initially called Oshan Whale Cruise, it is a tour run by the Fraser family. The captain with more than 35 years’ experience works with a local crew, trained coast guards and experienced tour guides. Their tour boat is a 42-foot vessel, Oshan. They offer a variety of tour packages as well as daily departure times.

6. Freeport Whale & Seabird Tours – Freeport, Long Island

It is a family run business managed by the Crockers. Tours usually last 3 hours to 4 hours with professional tour guides. Cruises usually visit a local Grey Seal colony with hundreds of seals. Tours begin in June and run through mid-September. They offer a number of packages and children under 2 years old are allowed for free.


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